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Palm Kernel Shell

Palm Kernel Shell

Palm kernel shell is the housing of palm kernel seed. Palm kernel shell is considered as a natural pellet and a high grade solid renewable fuel for burning as received both in co-firing with steam coal or burned at biomass power plant, usually blended with order grades of biomass, like wood chips.

The palm kernel shell is also used as a source of fuel for the boiler. Unfortunately the shell contains silicate that form a scale in the boiler if too much shell is fed to the furnace, thus limiting the amount of shell that can be utilized in the boilers. Residual shell is disposed of as gravel for plantation road maintenance.

Blacksmith also buy the shells to use as a fuel material in their casting and forging operations. Palm kernel shells have very low ash and sulphur contents. The specification is 20% max of moisture; 3% max of fiber and dirt..

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