Management Team

How We Work...

Our services include product sourcing, supplier verification, quality assurance, import and export agent, and other sourcing related services. We offer a solution to buyers and suppliers wishing to buy and sell products worldwide. Our company offers top quality and competitively priced raw materials produced in various countries worldwide

Mr Oyawoye Adeyemi ( CEO )

Mr Oyawoye Adeyemi is a specialist in facilitating international trade. He is the convener of the West African Culture and Tourism Conference. A graduate of The Open University UK, he has a wide knowledge on sourcing for Agro allied products for exports. He is a founding Director of Alexander Shea Limited, a visionary leader who has led this company from inception.

Mrs Adeshola Bojuwoye ( North America / Europe )

Mrs Adeshola Bojuwoye holds a bachelors and Masters degree in Agriculture and Animal production from the University of Ilorin. She has experience both in crop production and Animal production and her previous work experiences include Lower Niger River Basin where she worked for several years.

Mr Amine Bachiri ( North Africa, Middle East and Asia )

Mr Amine Bachiri is a high caliber analyst with extensive analytical and sales experience. He has a strong background in business development and accounting. He is fluent in English, Arabic, French and Turkish languages. Mr Bachiri handles our operations in North Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Steve Anthony ( Europe )

Steve Anthony is a graduate of the prestigious university of manchester. He handles our operations in North Cyprus and Turkey.